Why everyone is talking about NFTs and what they mean to you.

Everything involving investing and money seems to at best upside down, if not down-right scrambled. For a while, I envied art collectors because at least their world was pretty static. I often day-dream of going back and loading up on old baseball and football cards.

Not anymore. Thanks to something…

You cannot blame the fisherman for not bringing you fish.

I am currently living in the Houston, TX region and if you have been following the news, you likely can see what a debacle this week has been for the Texas region. As of writing this article, the power companies have made significant progress overnight and most Houston area homes…

A business owner is like trying to catch a butterfly in a dark room full of mosquitos…naked…using a net with a hole in it.

You swing and you swing and you miss. You get bitten a bunch, in places that you shouldn’t. You will be full of bites and anytime…

Simple questions to ask that can help you avoid a costly mistake in choosing the wrong type of solution for your current project.

Photo by Shahadat Rahman on Unsplash

Is the way you run your business different than most others in your industry?

This question is the #1 factor in determining whether or not you should use custom software.

If your business is very cookie cutter (one of a thousand…

Cody Caillet

Creator. Writer. Co-Founder of Gulf Coast Solutions. https://shakethebull.substack.com

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